Funny Baylor Sayings Fall 2017 (almost 3 years old)

- “I tickled my scrotum!”

- “Golly penis!” (Golly Pete)

- “You so silly, Mommy”

- “You’re not _____, you’re MOMMY!”

- “I’m not ______, I’m BAY-YER!!”

- “Amother”= another

- “Oh weawy?” (Oh really?)

- “It’s a traffic jam. Take a shortcut!”

- “Dog Marley”

- “It’s not scary, it’s pretend!”

(Woke up coughing)

“I have a cold. I have germs in my mouth.”

- “Mommy are you soaked and wet?”

- “Because it’s important!” to any ‘why’ questions

- “BABY GIRL, I’M HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!!” at gymnastics

- (Looking in the mirror in the mornings)- “Oh! I a beauty!” “I look so cute!”

In Auburn hotel:

B: “What’s that noise? Someone knocking at the door?”

M: No, someone else was going into their room. A hotel has like 100 rooms with 100 beds for 100 people. So there are other people here with other doors.

B: Ohhhhhhh. There are many germs?

M: Well…. that’s a good question. They wash the beds though so not too many germs.

B: Ok. *Asleep in 5 mins*

Enjoys wordplay, especially within songs:

- “I want to hold it hold it” to the tune of “I like to move it move it” when talking on the phone to Nona & Papa and wanted to hold the phone

- “Can I take one sip for my Old Kentucky Home?” when he wanted a sip of my cokesbeer