Cute Baylor Sayings

Before I forget them, here’s some cute things Baylor is saying currently:

“Oop Daisy!” (Oopsie Daisy)

“Are you SURE????”

“Here we ARE!”

“Nummy!” (Yummy)

“Tuh-tohs” (Cheerios)

“Ti-ten” (Chicken)

“No prob-um!” (He learned this is an alternative to “you’re welcome” so now when he thanks us and we say “you’re welcome” he now corrects us to “ No problem!”)

“Dada home!!!!” when Michael gets home

“Pay?” (Come play with me?)

“Tuck!” (I’m stuck/something is stuck)

“Yix” (Fix it!)

“[Jibberish]… Right?”

“OK OK OK” (when something is silly)

“Mama turn!”/“Bebe turn!” (when he wants to take turns)

“Cue me”- when he burps or needs you to move

“Bess You”- when somebody sneezes or coughs. When he does it, he says “Bess you, Bebe!”

“No tanks”/“Yes peas”

“Where ______ go?” followed shortly by “"Yoo-hoo! ______ Ah-ee?”

“Hi! High you?” (Hi! How are you?)

“Heh-WO!”/“ee go, Mom” (“Here you go!”)

“OK next!”

“Now then!” (Papa Bear-ism)

“Wane-too, Mama"/“Tanks”

Ending every sentence with “Mama”- not all the time. Generally when we’re playing just the two of us.

“Oh no! Mess!”

“Pseas”- peas

“Woo-ha!!”- Daddy-ism- exclamation of excitement

“But… MINE!”- complete with 2 handed gesture toward himself

“Fee-Five!“ (High five!)