Big Brother Day!

Big Brother Day Part 2- We took Baylor to Build a Bear to build big brother/little sister bears. He picked two adorable, almost matching bears, but his is a light brown and sister bear’s is pink. We recorded messages for each of the bears. Daddy and I recorded a message for Baylor’s bear that says “You’re the best big brother ever!” And Baylor recorded a message for baby sister’s bear. Then Baylor stuffed each of the bears l, made a wish on a heart for each of them, and tested them out to make sure they were perfectly huggable. Then he gave them a “bath”, brushed their fur, picked out outfits for them (we brought the shirts with us but he accessorized), and got them dressed. I thought he’d think it was fun, but he enjoyed it a lot more than I thought he would! The two things he really wanted for the bears was a basketball for his and a rainbow skirt for sister bear’s (he was pretty intent on making it super girly for her). Luckily we got the deal of the century on these bears because Mommy has been collecting coupons and stacking deals for the last month in anticipation of Big Brother Day, so Baylor got to choose a ton of accessories (which cost more than I spend on most baby clothes) without us even blinking an eye. It’s fun to go into a store and get everything you want for once! I think the bears turned out so cute and I think they will be something for the kids to treasure as they grow up. Especially sister bear’s, with Baylor’s little 3 year old voice telling her he loves her. Baylor has carried his everywhere since he got it and he’s so excited to give baby sister hers!