Baylor sayings May-August 2018

“Don’t worry, Mommy. I know what I’m doing.”

B: “I miss Santa Claus so much!”

Me: “Oh really? What do you think you’ll ask Santa for this year?”

B: “Hmmmm….” (Tapping on chin). “Nothing. I have everything I need.”

“Oh, I crack myself up. You crack myself too, Mommy.”

Insists on calling a diamond a rhombus

“War Eagle, fly down the field. Auburn to conquer, never to yield!”

“I have Moana stuck in my hair.” (He meant he had the Moana soundtrack stuck in his head.)

“Why did the skeleton didn’t cross the street? He didn’t got the guts!”

“How does a bee get a hair cut? A buzzzzzz cut!”

“Knock Knock (who’s there?) Atch. (Atch who?) BLESS YOU!!!!”

“Why did the cloud cross the street? Wind.”

“How do you call a bear with noooooo teeth? Because he will turn into a gummy bear!”

“I love you, Mommy. You’re my favorite grown-up.”

“Hey!!! Look at my awesome skills!”

(To the tune of the Bunny Song from Veggie Tales) “The baby, the baby- ooh I love the baby!”

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I did it! I did it! (Sing song)

"You smell pretty, Mommy. Like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And apple juice. And pineapple.”

“Let’s call the baby’s name Udoplaby. That can be her zoombini name.”

I told Baylor “Here’s our plan: Number 1 (holding up a finger for each number) we’re going to go to the store. Number 2 we’re going to go home and eat lunch. Number 3, we’re going to take a nap.” He responded “Number 1, I’m not taking a nap. And Number 2, I have too many fingers.”

“And what is else?” (What else?)

“Gesundheart!” (Gesundheit + Bless your heart)

“I’m allergic to people. Even you, Mommy. But not Nona. I like Nona.”

“Mommy! Can I watch Nona sleep?”

Showing Baylor the quilt Nona and I made for the baby: “Wow! That’s awesome! But it’s not really my color.”

Mess-a-wee Street=Sesame Street

“Can we eat some biscuits? I am quite hungry.”

Shooting foam darts at each other. His didn’t make it all the way. “Oh! It didn’t have enough force.”

“Hey Mama- Want to cuddle with me?”- puts his hand behind my back

“Jumpy Cheez-its” = Chuck E Cheese’s

“Look! It’s kind of like a pulley.”

“We can just call him (first syllable of name) for short.”

“You are my best Daddy in the whole world.”

“Ok buddy, it’s bedtime”

“Oh no! This is a disaster! If you keep saying that, I will be sad forever!”

B: “I want to play Hide and Seek with Grover.”

Me: “Ok Buddy”

B: “Where is my Grover book?”

Me: “I’m not sure, bud. Try looking on your bookshelf.”

B: “Oh! Looks like I’m already playing hide and seek with him!”

Vitamins= “ottomans”

“I love being me.”