Baylor Quotes Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Here’s some Baylor Quotes and quintessential Baylor phrases from November to April. Fun to see how much better he’s talking now than just a few months ago!

“You’re my sweet buddy in the wholed wide world”

“It’s not November- it’s Yesvember!”

“Look, Mommy! My penis is a column!”

“Apple on the peeling/Banana on the peeling”

“Yayaya Sintas?”

“I miss Daddy. Daddy is so special to me.”

“What’s uno plus uno? It’s dos! What’s dos plus uno? It’s tres!”

“Can I carry you?”

“Can I want it?”

“Awww we’re a family!”

“I love spending time with you, guys.”

Critiquing my driving from the back seat: When I’m reversing he’ll shout “WATCH OUT! DON’T HIT THAT!” Or when we pull into the garage, he’ll tell me I pulled in too far. Or not enough. I’m like, fine. YOU drive. It’s not quite as easy as it looks from the back seat.

We went to CVS to find a Dirty Santa gift and I decided on a candy cane full of alcohol minis. So I went to the counter to check out and realized my license was in the car because I hadn’t planned to buy alcohol. So I told Baylor, “we’ve got to go to the car because I forgot something and then we’ll come back in” and he goes “wah wah” like the Debbie Downer noise!! 🤣😂😂

“Daddy, can we hit the road?”

“Pretty please with a cherry on top?” (Also substitute other fruits)

“I wuv spending time wif you, Mama.”

“OK Doodle” (Google)

He let me take a nap because I was really tired (7 weeks pregnant). I said “thank you for waiting patiently for me.” He said “no problem, Mama. You can do it any time you want!”

*Big sigh* “I just love you, Mommy”

“Come play with me Mama!” (I tell him I can’t for whatever reason.) “Come on, Mama! It’ll be fun!”

He had balanced several medicine syringes into a long tube. I said “wow! How did you get that to balance?” He said “I didn’t. It been balanced for 500 million years!”

“You are so kind of me!”

Daniel tiger: “What makes you happy?”

Baylor: “Being a famiwy!!!”


“I’m not a big fan of kisses. Thank you though, Mama.”

“Cocoa Waspies” = cocoa Krispies

“Brown spheres” = Cocoa Puffs

Dropped Baylor off in car pool line. Principal opens the door to get him out of the car and says “Good morning Baylor! How are you?” And he said “Well I’m fine but the car is a little bit dirty.” Thank you for pointing that out, son.

(Singing) Head, Shoulders, Penis and Butt, Penis and Butt

“Baby in your tummy makes me excited and proud and happy!!”

“What’s tuba plus tuba? It’s fourba!”

“Did you see vat? Did you see vat?!”

“Mommy, I love your baby!”

“I’m just belaxing” (relaxing)- always said with hands behind head

“I know, I know. I’m just practicing.” (When he gets in trouble)

“Check it out, Mama!” (When you wants to show me something)

(After throwing up in the car) “You did a good job taking care of me, Mommy.”

“Do you know what? I love you.”

(While playing silly sentences game)

B: “I got ‘little’.”

Me: “You did get little! That was a big word to read by yourself! How many letters does it have? 1,2,3…”

B: “No, let’s count in Spanish! Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis!” It has seis letters!“

By his hands we all are fwed, thank you Lord for daily bwead. Amen…. Who’s Fwed? (Fred)

Going to Easter egg hunt for whole neighborhood and Nona says they are hiding 1800 eggs.

Baylor: "That’s too many! I’m gonna need a bigger basket!”

Tomato chips=potato chips

Banquet= blanket

(Playing with the turtle stuffed animal)

B: Look the turtle is pretending to be a car!

Me: Turtle car is sooooo slow

B: No he’s not! He’s pretending to be aerodynamic! Like a racecar! He’s so so so fast!