Summer Activities

7/16-7/20/18- He’s growing up so fast! He’s such a big helper to me now that I’m getting big enough that doing basic things around the house is getting tough. He woke me up this week saying “Mommy, I made you breakfast!” And he had- he gotten out muffins and yogurt and spoons for us. He really melts my heart with his thoughtfulness.

He’s been working so hard this summer and on Wednesday he took his test to move up levels in swimming lessons! So now he’s learning to flip over on his back to take a breath as he’s swimming. He was so proud of himself (and we were proud of him too!!)

He is enjoying gymnastics more and more each week I think. It’s the day he looks forward to most all week. This week they had a really cool shark slide inflatable that he thought was really neat. It’s fun to see him having so much fun! And he’s really improving some of his skills- he’s landing his cartwheels on his feet (his legs aren’t straight but he’s definitely improving), he’s great at headstands against the wall, he can complete the circuits that they assign without help, he’s mastered the crab walk, he can do the low balance beam by himself, and he’s started hopping on one foot!

Baylor has discovered geography this summer and his new obsession is States. He loves memorizing the States’ names and locations. His #1 favorite toy right now is his States puzzle and he does it over and over and over. He can tell us where all of our family members live and is starting to memorize some facts about other states as well.