6/5-6/8/18- Another fun week! Baylor is doing AWESOME at gymnastics. The little break we took was apparently a good idea because he went from really struggling to listen and stay with his class to being the leader and one the teacher uses for demonstrating skills. He’s listening, remembering the directions and following them even when the teacher isn’t looking, is a lot more comfortable trying new things, and staying right with his teacher and class. He’s getting chosen to be the line leader/go first (a big honor that they have to work for) for almost every skill they do now. It makes me so proud to see how hard he’s working and the progress he’s making! Not necessarily with the gymnastics skills themselves, although he’s certainly making progress there, but at the improvement in his ability to really be a part of the class. It shows me that he made huge strides in school this semester at Sycamore (we had to quit when he started there because he was in school every morning and we couldn’t drive all the way to Fishers at 4pm for their afternoon class).

Oh and I took some glamorous public bathroom selfies while I was there to record this pregnancy a little bit since I don’t have many pictures of me being pregnant with either of my babies. 28 weeks!

We went to Target in search of a Father’s Day present for Michael and Baylor designed this costume. He said he was a Mommy 😍 This Mommy needs to get one of those bullhorns I think! He said “I love pretending to be a person!” which is very unusual for him because he has been very adamantly against dress up since he was 2 and very much in favor of things that are real. But that is quickly coming to a close as he seems much more sure of what is real and seems to be less scared of the pretend becoming real. So he’s allowing himself to play much more imaginatively these days and his pretend world is really taking off.

Baylor is getting really excited for his baby sister! We have a countdown going on our refrigerator and every morning we minus one day until she gets here. I’ve been working on her birth sampler and Baylor has taken a real interest in my cross stitch and likes to help me “make x’s.” He loves doing anything that makes him the big helper in our family, especially if it has to do with being a big brother. He also LOVES pretending to be the baby right now. So I’ve given him a few baby things he can play with. He likes to wear her headbands (I’ve given him a couple that I know we won’t use) and pretend to drink from a bottle and have me tuck him into his “crib” (bed). When baby’s swaddles came in, he admired then with me then let me try to swaddle him- he was way too big of course, but he loved it! He eventually gets bored with being a baby and tells me he’s learning to talk and walk and grew into a big kid 😆 But it’s nice to see him really understanding and connecting with this baby. He can’t wait for her to be here and teach her all the things she needs to know to grow into a big kid!