6/30-7/1/17- Grandma and Grandpa arrived last night and we went to Izakaya for dinner. Grandpa and Daddy got started early this morning on Baylor’s new playset Mr. Steve Gleim came over to help. They had made good progress, until I came outside and went “umm guys? This playground is metal. And round. And has no steps. And a gigantic climbing tower.” Yup. Sam’s had given us the wrong playset. And we had hauled it all the way to our house in Louisville, all the way to our new house, and now had to haul it all the way back to the store and the new one back to our house. Awesome. We must really like this kid.

Anyway, so they started taking it apart while I called Sam’s and begged them to help us get the right set. Luckily the Sam’s in Fishers had just gotten one in so we were able to exchange it fairly easily. So we finally got going just after lunch on the right set. The guys worked until after 9pm and they got a ton done!! The playhouse is upright and the beam for the swing set and for the monkey bars are both together- just not attached yet. The playhouse has a floor but needs a roof and some railing. So there’s definitely some work still to be done, but I’d say they got over halfway- and maybe even 2/3 done today.

Baylor wanted to help so bad! He did a little bit, but there will be more he can help with tomorrow. He was so excited once he realized what was happening (which was basically when they took the pieces they’d been working on from the garage to the yard.) We told him they were building a playground and he said “where’s the slide?” So we’ve been practicing our patience haha. You can see the look of longing as he looks out the window watching Daddy and Grandpa work as his “one more thing to do” before bedtime. (That’s his new thing… We tell him it’s bedtime and he goes “I choose I choose… one more thing to do!!”)

Oh, also Baylor has learned to spit. It was starting to get to be a bit of an issue. He was spitting everywhere and thought it was hilarious. So I told him he can spit in the grass or the sink. I figure eventually he’ll run out of spit and it will lose its appeal. And if not, I don’t have to clean it up. Win/win.