6/20-7/7/18- Have we been busy or what?! Nona got here and we hit the ground running working on the nursery…. Painting furniture, sewing crib sheets and curtains and teething pads and a million other things, making (and remaking) a quilt, shopping for final touches, and in between all that cross stitching, attending doctor’s appointments, and trying to get Baylor to all his activities. Then Papa got here and we set him to work too- refinishing a new kitchen table for us, repainting the ceiling fan in the nursery, helping us paint, taking turns keeping Baylor…. It was a crazy crazy two weeks. Oh and did I mention that it was like 100 degrees every day? And Michael was gone probably 90% of the hours that Nona and Papa were here- he did not have a single day off and often strolled in after midnight. Or got home only to immediately be called back in. But let me tell you… It was worth all the work in the end. Our sweet girl has a BEAUTIFUL nursery to come home to. We can’t wait until she gets here and gets to use all the things we put so much effort and love into creating for her.

Unfortunately not a ton of pictures from these two weeks because of the heavy workload but we were able to laugh and have some fun in the midst of all the projects and chaos.