Father's Day 2018


6/16/18 -6/22/18- Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! Baylor is Daddy’s shadow right now. He loves spending time with him and hates when he has to work. Daddy unfortunately had to work today so we got kolaches to surprise him before he went in. Baylor picked out Daddy’s Father’s Day present by himself (a book of questions that he answered about Daddy, a bottle cap collector box, and a ‘Superdad’ card) and was so proud to give it to him.

He’s getting increasingly excited about the new baby and loves trying out her new stuff as we get it out. The weight limit on most of the baby stuff is 30-35 lb and he’s 32 so I figure it’s not going to break- might as well have a little fun!

Daddy took us out for a fun surprise this week. He found a theater that was pre-screening The Incredibles 2 so we went to go see it before its official release. It was so good!!!! Baylor loved it! We had to shush him a bit because he liked to narrate what was happening: “It went really well!! Baylor loved it! He kept narrating the movie "Look! The super hero has a shirt! Just like Daddy! He’s just like Daddy!” (Mr. Incredible’s street clothes were a button down shirt with a collar like Daddy wears) and asking questions about what was happening.