VBS & Babysitting

6/11-6/15/18- Bible School Week!!!! I don’t think there was a kid there that enjoyed it more than Baylor did. He was PUMPED to go every day and was devastated when it was over. He loved the singing, the dancing, the crafts, the snacks, the stories, playing outside, and especially getting to play with Isaac (one of our friends from small group’s son) every day. His teachers just ate him up and told me every day when I came to pick him up what a “joy” he was and how sweet he is etc. Which was really nice, but a little awkward when I’m standing in a group of like 3-4 other moms waiting to hear that their kids are joys too. They seemed to really enjoy having him in class. Oh and he’s smiling like that in the first picture because he was jumping all around at first and I told him that he was moving too fast for my camera so he said he would “just look a little happy” 😆

On Tuesday, we went to swimming lessons and took Baylor’s friend, Grace to hers as well since her mom wasn’t feeling well. When we got back I realized that she felt bad enough that I volunteered to take both of her girls on Wednesday so Grace came over to play and Baby Hope helped me reacclimate to the whole being a baby mom thing. Isn’t she just the cutest ever?

On Thursday, Daddy planned a fun surprise for us- he scored tickets to a pre-screening of The Incredibles 2 which doesn’t come out until this weekend! He’ll be working the next several weekends so we were pretty bummed that we wouldn’t be able to go. But we did- and in IMAX at that! It was such a cute movie and Baylor loved it! It was a really fun evening.

Oh and he’s under that rubbermaid lid because he’s pretending to be a turtle. Duh.