4/17/16- We arrived in Las Vegas around 9:30 Pacific time (that’s a shot of us flying over the Hoover Dam!) I developed a love/hate relationship with Vegas very quickly. On one hand, super stimulus overload, gaudy and over the top displays, and fake everything (fake Paris, fake Rome, fake Venice…) And on the other hand, delicious food, great shows, fun time with Husband, and somehow… oddly charming? It definitely grew on me. So this first day, we decided to get some lunch first thing because we were so hungry from about 8 hours of travel (time change was a killer… We were ready for a late lunch and it was breakfast time!) Luckily, there’s no such thing as too early for a drink in Vegas and we walked to a nearby brewery for lunch. It was sooooo good- I’m not sure if the food was just that good or if we were just that hungry, but either way it was amazing. We are so much that Michael couldn’t finish his second beer. Our waiter flagged us down and offered us a to go cup for it which shocked our little southern hearts (Michael got over it quick enough.) Then we walked and walked through Caesar’s Palace and the Bellagio and the forum shops. We thought we’d be able to do more than that, but we had no concept of scale. Everything seems so walkable because you can see it and it seems so close but you just keep walking and walking and it seems to never get closer. It doesn’t help that the city is laid out so you can never walk where you want to go in a straight line. Around 4 we decided to go back to the hotel for a nap and then went to dinner at the buffet in the Paris hotel. It was really yummy… Made to order crepes, great seafood (said Michael) and really good desserts. We were exhausted and stuffed to the gills so we made our way back to the hotel, stopping to watch the Bellagio fountain show (much better at night). We had walked over 10 miles by day’s end!