Late January 2019

January 16-31, 2019

Oh I’m just love, love, loving these ages. Louisa is just becoming the cutest little thing and Baylor cracks me up with the things he thinks of (like being a Baylor-corn). He is such a great big brother- he loves reading and singing to Louisa, making her laugh, and playing with her.

At school, Baylor is starting to really enjoy art, thanks to Mrs. Sweigart. They’ve been studying cave art lately, but he’s come home telling me about all sorts of artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock. He’s also really started to enjoy workbooks and especially mazes, dot-to-dots, and logic-type puzzles.

Last Friday, Baylor’s school had a really fun game night. He got to play with his friends in the gym for about an hour. They played basketball, hula hoops, and had a Just Dance dance party! Then they had board games set up, so he and I got to play several together.

The weather has been pretty dreary and yucky lately and it’s been hard to get out and play. The good news is that we have decided to take a cruise in May! We just put in our final payment and went to go get our passports so we’ll be all set when the day finally arrives. We’ll start our countdown soon! It seems like a long way away right now but it’ll be here before we know it (and we definitely need a vacation!) Louisa will be staying with my parents since there’s not much on a cruise that would be enjoyable for her, but Baylor is very excited for his first cruise. We’re starting swimming lessons back up to make sure that he’ll be comfortable in the water by the time we get there. We can’t wait!!!!