Back to the Grind

January 7-15, 2019

School is back in session, Daddy is back at work… We’re pretty much back to normal! Or at least, as normal as we get. The first weekend of January was unseasonably warm, so we bundled up and walked over to the play ground for what is probably our last trip for several months. We had a great time and met several kids to play with. Of course, the very next weekend there was a nice big snow. Fortunately, Daddy didn’t have to work so he and Baylor went out to play while Louisa and I fixed hot chocolate and watched them play. Louisa even went outside for just a few seconds to see what the snow was that she was watching come down.

Louisa had her 4 month doctor’s appointment and she’s growing like a weed! She is now 13 lb 6.5 oz (47th percentile) and 26 inches (92nd percentile). Her head is 42 cm (78th percentile). She’s hitting all of her milestones right on time or early, which we already knew. Most importantly, she is a happy girl.

Being back in school has its advantages for Mommy- I’ve been able to hang out with several friends and catch up since we haven’t gotten to see each other since before the holidays.

Baylor has started telling stories the past couple of weeks. They are very involved and include bringing us pretend costumes (nevermind that he got REAL dress up clothes for Christmas). We have to “put them on” and he has to be the one to “dress” Louisa. Fortunately, we can just put the pretend clothes on over our real ones, or that could get awkward quick. Then he makes up scripts that he tells us and then we have to repeat verbatim. Even Louisa has a part, although hers is generally silent. They all begin with “Once Upon a Time” and they NEVER END. I finally just have to say “Baylor, we’ve got to wrap it up, Bud” and he’ll say “and they lived happily ever after!” Usually these are stories about Mario, but we’ve been surprised before.

He’s had me in stitches lately. We were throwing an imaginary ball a few days ago and apparently I “missed.” Baylor said “Mommy, you need some ball lessons.” I said “Ok, what do I need to do?” He said “Aim it at me and then throw it on the right trajectory.” That’s solid advice.

Louisa is starting to really enjoy her toys- good thing she got some for Christmas! Her favorites are her owl that she loves to violently bop around, her gears toy, and her spinny alphabet toy. It’s so cool to see her really interacting with her environment and enjoying her playtime.