Louisa 4 months old

December 31 2018- January 4 2019

We’re back home after a wonderful holiday season at the farm. Daddy is back to work and school will start again in just a couple of days. It’s hard to believe it’s 2019! Time with our babies seems to just slip through our fingers- they’re both growing so fast!

Louisa turned 4 months old while we were in Tennessee. We call her Weesy Woo, Weesa Grace, our little Hedgie girl (because she sleeps on her tummy and rolls herself into the tiniest little ball). Baylor calls her “Louisey”, “Cutey Cutey Cute” and “Yoshi Nose” (no idea why on that last one.) She has officially transferred into her crib instead of sleeping in her bassinet by our bed. She has started to hit the 4 month sleep regression and cat naps instead of taking the nice long naps we had gotten used to. She loves watching us talk and especially saying “La La La” and “Ohhhh!” We even sing “La La La La Louisa” to the tune of “La Bamba” while we change her diaper. She sticks her tongue out and tries to say it with us. She loves playing with her little plastic chains and is getting pretty good at holding them. She tries to pull herself up to sit but she’s not quite there yet. She loves kisses, being up in the air, and being tickled on her belly and under her chin. She loves when Baylor plays Peek-a-boo with her and goes “boop boop boop boopy nose!” She has started giggling, which is adorable. She makes one long “HAAAAAAAA!” She loves being in her sit-me-up chair or in the the Bumbo so she can be in the middle of all the action. We joke that she has FOMO. She is starting to bring toys up to her mouth to chew on them. She loves it when we use her burp cloths like a little parachute and gently brush her face with it. She’s starting to finally be ok with leaving the house for a little bit at a time. Her favorite toys are her hedgie ball, chicken paci, and piano mat. She finally can put her own paci back in her mouth if she has it in her hand, which has cut down the number of times she’s up at night- usually it’s only 1. She also twirls her hair and “talks” to get to sleep which is just the cutest. She is a loud baby! She “talks” all the time and loves to try to imitate our words- she’s pretty good at it! She is learning to blow raspberries and pretends to cough to get our attention. She has found her feet and loves playing with them. She’s still a very happy, easy going baby and just brings so much joy to our family. We love you so much, Weesa Grace!