Auburn Beats Purdue!

December 26-30, 2018

The few days after Christmas were a lot of fun. We relaxed and played with all of our new toys, we took Baylor to see Mary Poppins Returns (which was soooo good!!!!), and Michael and I went to see the Music City Bowl, which matched Auburn against Purdue. You can see that our children were very conflicted. It was unfortunately a pretty ugly game. Auburn came out swinging and Purdue never could catch up. I don’t even remember the final score, but it was pretty bloody. It wasn’t a very fun game to watch. But it is nice to say that we were at the only meeting of our two teams in history! And hopefully it will stay the only one for many years to come. It was really nice to have TWO chances to get to go our by ourselves over the last week, at least!