Daddy's Birthday

December 22 2018

Michael got a really fun surprise for his birthday from Nona and Papa- we got a date to a swanky new place in downtown Nashville called “House of Cards” which is a magic-themed restaurant. It’s supposedly a secret, hidden below the Johnny Cash museum. We walked into the museum and I suppose they knew by how we were dressed that we weren’t there for the museum. They took us down an elevator and down a long hallway to the restaurant, which was just incredible once we entered. We weren’t allowed to take pictures once we were inside, but it was really cool. They had magic memorabilia dating back to the 1600s- even some of Harry Houdini’s old stuff. We ordered steaks and while we waited for our meal, our waiter showed us around to some of the most interesting pieces they had. After we ate, there were several close-up magic shows to watch and then we got to go to a small auditorium for the “main event.” I must have said “how did he do that?!” a hundred times and we had a good time guessing the tricks they used. It was a really nice evening and fun to have a place to get dressed up for, for once.