Christmas 2018

December 24-25 2018

Christmas this year was so much fun! Baylor was old enough to really understand the whole Santa thing and be very excited for his arrival. On Christmas Eve, we went to the Stewarts’ Christmas party, which I’ve been attending since I was just a little older than Baylor. We saw some of my old friends and had a great time catching up with people and showing off our baby girl. Then we attended the Christmas Eve service at church. It was a little weird being there in the afternoon, but it gave us time to drive out to the farm afterwards and still get the kids in bed at a decent hour. We left out the cookies Baylor made for Santa (he was so excited to give them to Santa!) and read the rest of The Santa Claus Story, as we always do.

The next morning, Santa had arrived and left us SOOOOO many presents! Baylor got dress up clothes, tons of board games, Barbies, a magic set, and best of all… a Nintendo Switch!!!! He didn’t even know what it was, but he soon found out and was super excited when he saw Mario come on the screen! Louisa got some cute clothes, a stuffed hedgehog, some books, and a few toys that she’ll grow into in the coming months. We had so much fun playing games, reading books, eating yummy Christmas treats, and just being together. There is really nothing better than Christmas morning with your family.