Louisa is 6 Months Old

February 24-March 8, 2019

Believe it or not, Little Miss is 6 months old! I took her to her checkup and the doctor said “Whoa! You’ve got your hands full with this one!” And when he was looking at her ears, he was like “She is STRONG!!!!” It was pretty validating. I feel like he sees enough kids to know when he sees a particularly feisty one. She’s now in the 98th percentile for height and close to 60th for weigh. She is GROWING and she has a TON of energy. She is trying so hard to crawl. She can push herself backwards but can’t quite figure out how to propel herself forward. She can’t quite get her legs to move independently yet. And she’s not quite all the way up on her knees. She is sitting up like a pro though! She is able to sit up and play as long as she has a pillow behind her to catch her just in case and someone sitting close by to keep her from faceplanting. She doesn’t do it a ton though- she can play for quite a while before she topples. She can stand now too, with only a little bit of help for balance. I think she may end up walking a little earlier than Baylor did because she loves standing and is so interested and motivated to stand and crawl.

She cut her first tooth the day she turned 6 months old and she is much crankier than usual as that starts to come through. We’re 6 months in and Louisa has still never slept through the night 2 nights in a row (1 night is a rare occurrence) and this teething business sure isn’t helping that goal get met any faster. She’s maybe slept through the night 10-12 times in her whole life. The last few weeks, she’s been waking several times before we even go to bed and then 2-4 times between midnight and 6:30AM. It’s very hard to string enough sleep together to be functional, let alone to have any time to sit down and just try to relax for a moment. I am REALLY starting to look forward to our cruise in May, just so I can have a couple of weeks of uninterrupted sleep (I never have to worry about Baylor waking up in the middle of the night.)

She can say “lalala” now which doesn’t really mean anything, but has been her favorite sound for us to make to her up until now, so she’s pretty proud of herself that she can say it back. She loves when we blow raspberries and tries to blow them at us so we’ll blow them back at her. She LOVES hanging upside down and being thrown in the air. She still cries any time Baylor cries, which is just the most adorable and most pitiful thing. She is SO ticklish under her chin and her little baby giggles just melt my heart. She loves being naked and playing with her toes. She loves pulling my hair and belly laughs when I say “ouch!” She is becoming so curious about everything and wants to explore anything we’re holding- especially remote controls and charging cables. She has discovered the “I’ve got a funny hat” game and thinks it’s hilarious. She is a squirmy little thing and very difficult to hold because she just wiggles the whole time you have her. You really have to hold her with both hands because she’s liable to just trust fall right out of your arms and you better be ready to catch! She’s still loving her bouncer and still saying “Umma Umma” (Mama) and “Bubba.” She’s working hard on saying “Dada” but hasn’t quite gotten that one yet.

Speaking of the cruise, we’ve told Baylor that there are “fancy dinners” and he asked for some bow ties to wear. So he and I went to the store and found some of the cutest fabrics to make him some bow ties out of. I can’t wait to see him in them. We got some with robots, states, numbers, science, and superheros. He’s going to be the cutest boy on the ship!

We had Baylor’s parent-teacher conference with Miss Rodriguez this week. She was so pleased with his progress this year! She said that there’s really nothing we need to be working on at this point- that’s he’s doing better than his peers academically and is on par socially and emotionally. She just said that she hopes he continues on this trajectory next year because he has had such a successful year. We brought up our concerns about his speech and she agreed. Turns out they are contracted with the Washington Township school system for therapy services. They are going to evaluate him and if he qualifies he’ll get speech services for free at school every week.

In other very exciting news, we have turned in several applications for Michael’s first “real” job and have already heard back from several places. Some sound promising and others we have been able to dismiss out of the gate- after talking to the recruiters, we were able to rule them out because they just didn’t match what we were looking for. It’s too early to tell if any of these is “the one” but we’ve certainly had a promising start and are scheduled to speak further with a few of them soon.

I got to cash in this weekend on my Christmas gift! Michael and I went out to a nice dinner and then went to see The King and I. It was a really fun evening and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to go. It was a show that I had really enjoyed as a kid and it was even better than I remembered! Unfortunately it seems we only managed to take one pictures (and it was only of me) but I guess we were in the moment too much to stop for pictures.

Last weekend, we went to Hope Lee’s first birthday party. Baby Hope has been a very big part of our lives since very soon after we moved here, before she was even born. Her Mama, Jean, has become one of my very good friends and hearing her story of fighting to get her miracle baby lifted me when we weren’t sure how easy it was going to be for us to have another one. It was so reassuring to have someone by my side during my pregnancy that understood all the anxiety of not knowing how things would turn out and helped me advocate for myself when my labor kept starting and stopping with Louisa. Her birthday was so fun- because she is of Korean descent, they had lots of customary first birthday activities and she looked just adorable in her little hanbok.