Countdown to the Beach

Feb 1-9, 2019

It’s officially winter in Indiana and you know what that means… time to escape to the beach!! We’ve been counting down the days since we got home for Christmas and it’s finally here! This week we attended Eloise Strand’s (Isaac’s sister) birthday party at The Music Playhouse. We all had SO much fun, even Louisa, who I wasn’t even expecting to be able to participate. We had so much fun, we’re thinking that we may have Louisa’s birthday there when the time comes. We went to the library and got Baylor’s haircut, went to swimming lessons, done Kiwi Crates, gone swimsuit shopping, had lunch with Tressie, did a ton of laundry, and packed and packed and packed. And now we’re off! Goodbye, frozen tundra! Hello, tropical beach weather!