Christmas with NeNe and Jake

December 20-21, 2018

Nene had to work on Christmas Day, so she and Jake came so we could celebrate Christmas a few days early. We had a great time all being together. And Baylor was so excited to get his spiffy new scooter! We were lucky that we’ve had great weather so he could try it out. We’ve had a great few days hanging out and relaxing together, playing games, and trying out our new Christmas presents. Louisa started sneaking a few bites of food here and there. She just couldn’t resist Nona’s yummy Christmas dinner! She did great with her first tastes of food and I have a feeling we won’t be able to keep her away now that she’s had a few bites. She’s a bit young, but she’s been lunging for our forks, getting upset that we’re not sharing, and just generally making us feel guilty about not feeding her, so now we have.