Christmas Preparations

December 14-19, 2018

December has been a busy month and the week before we left for a Tennessee Christmas was no exception. Mommy learned how to make fancy Christmas cookies this year, so we spent a lot of time making Santa some delicious treats: decorated sugar cookies, candy coated pretzels, buckeyes, and mint Oreo truffles. Baylor did a great job learning how to make designs with Royal Icing and our cookies turned out pretty good, if we may say so ourselves! Weesa Grace is a smiley girl these days and as long as you talk to her and keep her entertained, she’s pretty content to watch as we did all of our projects.

Baylor had pajama day at school and attended Stella’s Super Hero birthday party at Bounce U which he can’t stop talking about. Baylor and I got our flu shots (and traditional milkshakes for being so brave!) It was quite a lot for one week, but we managed to squeeze it all in and I think we’re ready to get the party started!