December 2018

December 1-13 2018: We were ready for a breath of fresh air after November, but instead Michael picked up some last minute moonlighting overnight to bring in some extra money. Not that we aren’t grateful to have a way to give ourselves some breathing room, but we are certainly ready for a real break. The kids and I are holding down the fort. The two of them are two peas in a pod- they love each other more than I could have ever imagined. Watching them together makes all these days where it feels like everything is on my shoulders totally worth it.

Baylor got to do a cool thing at his school called Gifts Galore. It’s a fundraiser where the kids get to go pick out presents for all their family members by themselves. He was so proud coming home with his choices. It’s so exciting to see what he picked out for all of us.

I got one of my Christmas gifts early! In all of these crazy days since I’ve had Louisa, I’ve really enjoyed watching some of the baking shows on Food Network and have especially enjoyed seeing people make decorated sugar cookies. So I’ve been researching how to make them and watching a million videos and then Michael came home with a Kitchen Aid Mixer for me to try them out! So I did. It was a lot of work, but they turned out pretty cute for a first attempt!

We attended a consecration service for one of our friend’s daughters, Grace Lee. It was a very sweet service, we got to see some other friends and their new baby there, and it was a great opportunity to show Baylor another faith tradition. He loved hearing them speak Hebrew and thought it was pretty cool that it was written right to left instead of left to right.

Most of the last couple of weeks has been tons of Christmas shopping and coordinating gift lists with families and figuring out who was giving whom what so that there are no overlaps. It doesn’t sound like much, but it actually takes hours and hours every December to get everything arranged between making 3-4 Christmas lists, coordinating a few surprises for Michael, buying all of our gifts to the kids, making sure that the families have different but equivalent lists, and then filling in the gaps. And this year, since Baylor is getting older and has a memory like an elephant, I’ve had to be much more careful about packages coming to the house so he didn’t see what was inside. But I expect it’s going to be a pretty amazing Christmas, so no complaints here. It’s a lot of work, but I really do enjoy finding just the right thing for everyone and seeing the looks on my kids’ faces when they open something they love.

Louisa turned 3 months old last week. She is such a joyful baby. Her smile just radiates through her whole body. She sleeps in her crib now instead of her bassinet. She doesn’t sleep all day like she used to. Now she’s awake a lot more and takes frequent, short cat-naps throughout the day. She’s still not a big fan of leaving the house, but she tolerates going over to friends’ houses for a while. She still hates all stores. She’s starting to grasp her toys and especially loves playing with her little chewy chains. She mimics some sounds that we say, including “hi” and “oh hey” which is just adorable. We know they don’t really mean anything but it’s kind of cool to hear a baby “talk”!

Baylor finished his first semester at Sycamore and we are just in love with his class- he has the best teachers and has made some really great friends in his class: Beau, Jovi, Serene, Sajan, Patrick, Evelyn, AJ, and Stella are some of the friends we hear about the most.