Thanksgiving 2018


Aside from Baylor’s birthday, November has been a doozy. We have been very fortunate up to this point this year that Michael’s schedule has been much lighter than last year. But the schedule is just completely off or completely on. We have barely seen him at all this month, as he works until 10pm-midnight many nights and leaves before 6AM. Except for Baylor’s birthday, he hasn’t had a weekend off. On top of that, Baylor, Louisa, and I have all been sick with a respiratory bug for the last 2 weeks of the month. So we were very thankful to see the back end of this month. It meant that his horrible schedule was over for while and it meant that we could celebrate Thanksgiving! We drove up to Tressie’s and had a nice day spending time with the family. To be honest, I felt awful. I don’t even remember a ton of it and apparently I didn’t take pictures. So I’ll just post some pictures of us surviving November. We’ve got a 4 year old (who thankfully decided to claim age 4 just a week or so after his birthday!) and a 3 month old so we just keep on playing and trying to enjoy life as much as we can.

The one good thing that has come out of this month is that I finally broke down and bought myself an early Christmas present. It’s called Instacart and it is a grocery delivery service that brings my groceries right to my door. Unlimited deliveries for $99/year. Now I don’t have to haul 2 kids to the grocery store and be paranoid about the flu every time we go! Totally life changing.