Grandparents' Day

10/6-10/14/18- Grandma and Grandpa came for a short visit to join Baylor on Grandparents’ Day at Sycamore School. It sounds like they had a great program set up for them. Grandma and Grandpa got to see his classroom, meet his friends and teachers, saw what he’s been working hard on, and they even donated a library book in Baylor’s name! I think they all had a great time. That evening, we went to Firebirds for dinner and Baylor got to go back to the kitchen to watch the chefs prepare the food. They gave him an official “Junior Chef” tshirt that looks just like the chefs outfits they were wearing. What a fun day!

Baylor also attended AJ’s birthday party at SkyZone this weekend with Daddy. They seemed to have a great time, jumping on trampolines and launching themselves into foam pits. And Baylor and I finally got around to baking an apple pie for my birthday. It turned out delicious! Baylor has such an interest in cooking lately. Whether it’s just boiling pasta on the stove, making dinner together, or his favorite- baking- he is always my kitchen helper! He constantly asks to make things together, so I try to do at least a little something with him once a week or so. He’s getting really good at reading a recipe and knows how to appropriately measure, pour, and stir. He’s just about got the banana muffin recipe (his favorite!) memorized. I love to bake too and have fond memories of working in the kitchen together with my mom, so I hope that this is something special we can do together for a long time to come.