To Nona's House We Go

10/15-10/22/18- We learned that Nene was going to be home the weekend after Baylor’s Fall Break. So, like a crazy person, I decided to haul my 4 year old and 6 week old on a 5.5 hour long journey to Tennessee to see her, Nona, and Papa. She’s growing so fast! I just couldn’t stand the thought of them not getting in a little snuggle time. I almost chickened out, but Michael and Nona agreed to drive halfway to Louisville and meet so I could ride as a passenger and be on paci retrieval duty instead of trying to drive with a screaming baby in the car. It still wasn’t a pleasant journey, but we got there and back in one piece! Louisa went on some of her first real outings while we were there. We went shopping and Cool Springs and Green Hills, went to church, went out for lunch, and even got to meet Uncle Dennis and Aunt Susan. Add in a football Saturday and you have yourself a pretty good week. And of course Baylor was very happy to be there- making coffee and “working” with Papa, playing games and reading and baking with Nona, goofing off with Nene. It was worth making the trip for, I think.