STEM Fairy Tales

Baylor’s class just finished at STEM Fairy Tales unit that was SO COOL. They did some really neat activities- making bread (Little Red Hen), going on a gingerbread man scavenger hunt, 3 Little Pigs house engineering and logic puzzles, Humpty Dumpty egg drop science lab, and so much more. He LOVED this unit and I loved hearing about it! It seemed like so much fun. He came home every day so excited to tell me about what they’d done that day. At the end of the unit, they had a class party and Moana was a surprise special visitor! This kid is not at all regretting his decision to stay full days. Quite the opposite, in fact. He doesn’t want to stop learning to take a nap like the preschoolers are required to do. So his teacher made him a deal: look quietly at books for the first half of naptime and he can spend the rest of the day in Pre-K with his friends from last year! He took her up on that deal in a heartbeat. He has earned his Pre-K time every single day. We are in love with Ms. Rodriguez, his teacher. She has just been the best thing for him. She gets him. She’s kind, sets firm boundaries, and is willing to negotiate when possible to help him get what he needs.