November 2018


Well, Daddy finally had to head back into the ICU. It was a great couple of months having him home and we were really able to get our feet under us before he had to go back. Now we’re back to our “normal”- all Mommy all the time. I thought it would be a hard transition for Baylor, since Daddy has been taking him to school or been here when he gets home, but he seems to be mostly ok with him going back to work.

I’m pretty proud of us for getting into a good routine pretty quickly. We get up at 6:15 every morning. Baylor plays while I make breakfast, then he eats while I make his lunch and unload the dishwasher. When he finishes, he brushes his teeth and goes potty while I get Louisa up and change her diaper. Then I help him get dressed and he has time to play while I feed Louisa. We all drive him to school, then Louisa and I come home, take a nap, eat lunch, do some work around the house, and go get Baylor. Then we run an errand if Louisa is up for it, head home, play in the playroom for an hour, fix dinner, and Baylor goes to bed. Then I clean up and start working on whatever project I’ve got going at the moment (planning Baylor’s birthday party, Christmas shopping, maintaining the blog, making family yearbooks, meal planning, etc.). It sounds easier than it is, especially since Louisa is still waking at night to eat and right now she’s super fussy at night and isn’t settling until well after midnight. So I’ve been averaging around 4 hours of sleep and sometimes it’s much less than that.

Louisa REALLY doesn’t like leaving the house. She is a super easy baby as long as we’re at home, but she has some serious FOMO (fear of missing out) and will NOT sleep when we’re out and about. I mean, I’m sure she would if I held her, but it’s almost impossible to hold a baby, keep up with a preschooler, push a cart, and keep my wits about me enough to buy groceries accurately or efficiently. So we’re working around. I’m getting pretty much everything delivered to the house right now (grocery delivery came out JUST in time for me to have kids. Whew!) and not leaving unless we absolutely have to. We ventured out to the library on Saturday, and while Louisa was good as gold while we were there, she missed her nap and screamed for 3 hours when we got home. So it’ll be a little while yet until we’re ready to go out on adventures by ourselves until Louisa can figure out how to sleep in public. But overall, things are going well here, even if I do feel overwhelmed from time to time. I’m figuring out my resources and outsourcing as much as possible, which is helping.

Louisa brings us such joy. Learning to work around her schedule and balancing the needs of two kids is hard, but seeing her grow and learn makes it totally worth the adjustment. Her little smile melts my heart. And she’s starting to reach and grab, which is totally adorable. She is intense when she decides to work on something- she gets frustrated when she can’t make her body do what she wants it to, but she is persistent and keeps working until she gets it. She’ll take a break to scream off some frustration and then she’s right back to it!

And if I think I’m having a hard month, you should see what Michael is doing. He has only 2 days off from before Halloween until after Thanksgiving- and that’s the weekend of Baylor’s birthday party. He leaves the house around 6 every morning and gets home somewhere between 8pm-11 pm. He’s had a TON of patients on his list every day, multiple procedures each day, and as many as 3 family conferences (where they discuss end of life decisions- very emotionally taxing) each day. He comes home and collapses and is right back at it early the next morning. I don’t know how he does it day in and day out with no break. We love him and miss him when he’s gone and we hate seeing him so drained.