Louisa is 2 Months Old!

Our sweet girl is 2 months old! Time seems to be flying by. She is smiling lots now and gives us these adorable little laughs. She loves music- especially when we sing to her- looking in the mirror, sitting up (with help), watching the tv (which we try to discourage but she’s just intrigued), being held, “talking” to us, and trying to mimic the sounds and faces we make. She has learned to kick her legs and loves the little piano kickmat. She’s starting to try to reach for things but isn’t quite able to get there yet and gets pretty frustrated when she can’t make her hands do what she wants them to do. She still loves her pacifier and seems to prefer a bottle to nursing- she doesn’t like to have to work for her milk. She highly prefers sleeping on her tummy and takes all of her naps that way, usually on our armchair. When she sleeps on her tummy, she’ll take 3-4 hour naps. She hates reclining in a swing or bouncer. She’s still sleeping in her bassinet in our room and she typically sleeps pretty well at night. She usually only wakes up once a night anymore, unless she loses her pacifier. She's a very happy, easy baby as long as we’re at home in our routine. She does not like going out of the house to run errands at all. She fights sleep so hard when she’s not in the house and ends up way over tired and screaming by the time we get home. Then it’s really hard to get her to calm down. She’s overall a very happy and quiet baby, but she definitely has opinions about how things should go. It’s not at all hard to guess how she’s feeling or what she’s needing. Lots of times she doesn’t even really work up a good cry- she just says “heh heh” and that’s usually enough to let us know she doesn’t like whatever it is we’re doing. She doesn’t get mad much, but when she does- hold on! She’s got a very healthy set of lungs and knows how to use them when she wants to.

Baylor loves playing with her and getting her to smile. He sings her songs, reads her books, and still loves holding her and just talking to her. He brings her toys and does everything he can to make her laugh. And she loves watching him- she follows every move he makes and doesn’t like it when she can’t see him.

At her 2 month checkup, she was 10lb 11oz (~50th percentile), 23.25 inches long (~80th percentile), and her head circumference was 39cm. The doctor said since her length measurement was so different from her measurement at 1 month that he suspects that one of them was a little off, so we’ll see next month which one was more accurate.