Halloween 2018

10/23-10/31/18- We had celebrated Halloween a couple of times this year! After great deliberation, Baylor decided to be Mario, specifically from Mario Kart. We went to Boo at the Zoo with our friends Jean, Grace, and Hope Lee. Baylor and Grace got to “practice” trick or treating and enjoyed visiting the animals while the babies enjoyed seeing all the colorful costumes. On Halloween day, Baylor had a parade and party at school, which Louisa and I attended with him. He and his friends were so cute in their costumes! Baylor kept turning his hat backwards and ended up looking more like a French farmer than Mario most of the day, but he was still super cute. Hadley’s grandmother came into school and did spooky science experiments with them for their party. They made bloody handprints with ammonia, made “elephant toothpaste” come out of a jackolantern, made slime, and all sorts of other cool things. Louisa had on an adorable Halloween outfit until she spit up all over it in the middle of the day, so we created an impromptu ballerina outfit which turned out pretty cute, I think. We went trick or treating that evening with Jean, Albert, Grace, and Hope again since Daddy is back in the ICU and working until after bedtime every day.

Cute story- Baylor and I went to pick out Halloween candy at Target. I finished what I was looking at and realized that he’d gone around the corner. I said “Buddy, where’d you go?” And he said “Here I am, Mommy!” and came back into the aisle with a big chicken head on (sorry, Grandma). He totally cracks me up. His sense of humor is so on point. He loves making jokes and making people laugh and he’s really starting to learn how to do that effectively.