Louisa is One Month Old

9/19-9/27/18- Time flies so quickly when babies are new. Louisa is one month old now and growing like a weed! At her one month check up, she weighed right at 9 lbs, which means she gained around 2 lbs in 2 weeks. She gave us her first real smile on September 25 and has been a very smiley baby since she learned how. She loves watching our mouths move and tries to mimic the shapes our mouths make and the sounds coming out. She’s especially fascinated with our tongues and loves for us to stick out our tongue at her or say “lalala.” She has outgrown her newborn clothes and is officially wearing 0-3 months. It’s always hard putting away the tiniest newborn clothes, but she has so many cute outfits I can’t wait to dress her up in!