Mommy's Birthday

9/28/18- For my birthday, I was ready to get out of the house after being cooped up for a month. We decided to find a local orchard and go apple picking. And we managed to find a fantastic one! We started our day with apple donuts while we watched a beekeeper talk about the hive they have there. Then Baylor and Daddy played on the playground for awhile while I fed Louisa. After that, it was apple picking time! We picked a TON of apples and lugged them back to the car. We took a break for a yummy lunch, then went on a hay ride and found our way through the corn maze. We decided the pumpkin patch was a little too precarious to carry Louisa through, so we bought one that they had already picked. Just as we were about to leave, we saw some of our friends- Aaron and Staci Strand with their kids, Isaac and Eloise- so Baylor and Daddy went to play on the playground with them again while I got Louisa ready to go. We finally said goodbye and went to eat some Mexican food before heading home. It was a really wonderful birthday and a beautiful day to be outside. 31 definitely started out on the right foot.